Refuse and Recycling




The refuse division services approximately 3,435 customers within the City. In 2013, the department collected approximately 1,606.88 tons of refuse. Currently, the City’s refuse program allows each household one (1) thirty gallon trash bag or approved container, per week as part of their normal refuse. Any additional bags or containers must have a “tag” affixed to them. The cost of the “tag” is $2.00 and may be purchased at the City Utilities Office and numerous other locations throughout the city. The refuse division also provides a special pick up service for the residents of Napoleon. This service entails the pickup of refuse and materials that either do not qualify or are too large for the regular weekly refuse route. The cost for a “special pick up” is $5.63 per cubic yard.

The recycling division was implemented in 1991 and continues to be a huge success. Currently, the City enjoys a participation rate of approximately 66%. In 2013, 732.47 tons of recyclable material was collected. The following are recyclable materials accepted by the City: #1 and #2 plastics; clear, green and brown glass; aluminum and tin cans; corrugated cardboard; pasteboard; newspapers; magazines; catalogs; gift wrap and junk mail. Recycling bins may be obtained at the City of Napoleon Service Building located at 1775 Industrial Drive, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The refuse and recycling routes are run by 3 full-time employees with 2 operating the refuse route and 1 operating the recycling route.