Civil Service Commission

Section 5.01 Civil Service Commission 
     Establishment of Commission. There shall be a Civil Service Commission consisting of three (3) members each of whom shall be a resident and qualified elector of the City. Each member shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by Council: one (1) for a term of two (2) years, one (1) for a term of four (4) years, and one (1) for a term of six (6) years. Each alternate year thereafter, the Mayor shall appoint one (1) person, as successor of the member whose term expires, to serve a term of six (6) years, subject to approval by Council. Any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term. The Mayor, at any time, may remove any member from office for misconduct, neglect of duty, malfeasance in office, or other cause, subject to approval by Council. No more than two (2) members shall be from the same political party.
     Duties. The Civil Service Commission shall have those powers and perform those duties as provided by the laws of Ohio, except as otherwise provided by this Charter or, where not so otherwise provided by this Charter, then, as Council may provide otherwise by ordinance or resolution.
Meets 4th Tuesday each month at 4:30 PM



Committee Members

  • Bill Finnegan, Chair (D)
  • Megan Lytle-Steele 
  • Eric Rohrs