Lodge Tax & Advisory Control Board

     (a) Establishment. A Lodge Tax Advisory and Control Board is hereby established and made up of those persons as appointed by the Mayor and approved by a majority vote of all current members of Council. Each of whom shall be a resident and qualified elector of the City. The Mayor may, with or without approval of Council, serve on said Board; however, is not required. In the event the Mayor does serve, he or she shall make his or her membership known to the Finance Director, or in the case of a specific Council Clerk, then to that Clerk. Although not required, the Mayor should consider appointing the following: two Council members, one representative from the lodging business, one Parks and Recreation Board member and one representative of the local Chamber of Commerce, all of whom shall serve without compensation. (In the case of Council members, and the Mayor, such shall serve without additional compensation to their regular pay.)
(b) Terms and Chairman. The Council members and Mayor shall have no specific term or term limits and shall stand as long as elected or appointed, unless otherwise determined by Council. All other members shall have two year terms without term limits. The Board shall elect its own Chairman and other officers deemed appropriate by the Board.
(c) Powers and Duties. Council confers upon said Advisory and Control Board the power and duty to establish and adopt regulations for the operation and administration of a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau; or, have the authority to negotiate and establish terms of a contract with a private entity to operate a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Any such contract shall be approved by ordinance or resolution of City Council (a majority vote of all current members of Council), signed by the City Manager and approved as to form by the City Law Director.
 (Ord. 93-01. Passed 9-4-01.)

 Meets as needed


Committee Members

  • Travis Sheaffer - Council Representative
  • Joel Miller - Chamber of Commerce
  • Jason Maassel - Mayor
  • Vacancy - Parks Representative
  • Vacancy - Lodging Representative