Frequently Asked Questions

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Inspections FAQ

Q: How many Fire Inspectors are employed at the Fire Department?

A: We currently have 7 full-time Inspectors and 2 additional part-time Inspectors.


Q: What guidelines do the Inspectors follow?

A: Our inspectors follow the latest edition of the Ohio Fire Code.


Q: What types of inspections do the inspectors do?

A: There are a multitude of inspections we do.  Each inspection is specific to the occupancy.  We do business inspections, institutional inspections, assembly inspections, hotel/motel inspections, fire line and sprinkler system acceptance inspections, and school, residential, and foster home inspections, all within the Napoleon City Limits. 


Q: Do you have any information that would help the local businesses to make their places fire safe and help with the inspection process?

A: We currently have a Commercial Self Inspection form.  This will assist them with most of the commonly found fire safety violations across all of Ohio.  They can use this form to self check their occupancy and correct potential fire safety issues prior to us arriving to complete their inspection.