Rec Desk


The Parks and Recreation Department is now using Rec Desk - a new and improved recreation program and facilities registration system.  RecDesk allows users to create their own online ID that will enable easier online registration, rec program information, and to make payments.  First time users will begin by clicking CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  You will generate a user ID and password which you will use to access Rec Desk.  We highly recommend that the primary user enable "Head of Household" so that additional family members can be added.  (Note: this very important if you plan to register children for recreation programs)  Once an account is created, log in and access program and registration information.


How To Register Online For Recreation Programs:


Once you have created an account, click on the "Programs" tab on the Main Page.  A list of the current programs that are available for registration will be shown.  Click the "Register Now" button next to the program you wish to register for and that program information will be shown.  Be sure that you select your child as the member from the drop down menu (not parent) so that the individual will meet age/grade restrictions.  Select the "Fee Type" to ensure the correct payment amount (resident or non-resident).  Answer the required questions listed with asterisks.  You will then acknowledge the required forms and submit your payment information.  Once that information is complete and submitted you will be sent a registration confirmation email.


Click the link below to go to Rec Desk:


If you need assistance creating an account, please contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 419-592-4010 or