Streets and Drains

The street division currently maintains  approximately 70 centerline miles of streets and roads. The streets are of assorted constructions and age, with most being improved.

The waste water collection division is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 246,000 feet of combined and sanitary sewers. The pipes in the system range in size from 4 inch force mains to a 35” X 45” hand laid brick elliptical sewer. The pipes in the system are composed of vitrified clay, brick, concrete, cast iron and plastic. The pipes extend in age from newly installed to over 100 years old.

The construction division performs many different tasks throughout the City – new curb and sidewalk formation and installations, drainage maintenance, as well as catch basin repair and installation just to name a few.

The street and waste water collection divisions are sustained by 4 employees, including the Streets/Sewer Foreman. This crew not only performs tasks specific to each division such as sewer line locates, sign maintenance, television of sewers, crack sealing, and snow removal, but is also vital in mosquito control, leaf collection and disposal, loading and hauling of mulch, operation of the yard waste site, brush grinding and the seasonal clean ups.