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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Napoleon Police Department is to preserve the peace and order of the community through conflict management, crime prevention efforts and enforcement of the criminal statutes of the State of Ohio, and the ordinances of the City of Napoleon, by officers who are committed to the rule of law and have a unique authority to investigate, arrest, search, seize and use reasonable and necessary force. This mission shall be conducted to, and for, those requesting or requiring our services in a humane, moral, legal and ethical manner in order to provide a safe environment in which to live, learn, work and grow.


Napoleon Police Department wants to want to thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage.  Our goal is to build strong working relationships with our community to create a safe environment for the citizens to enjoy.  One way to achieve this is through transparency, so our department has produced an annual report for so many years. 

2020 was proven to be one of the most challenging years in recent history, not only for our department but for our community.  The COVID-19 pandemic thrust our entire community into a new way of handling our day-to-day operations.  The police department was no different.  The Police Department operated for the first time in history a prolonged Emergency Operations Center in conjunction with the other city departments.

Although your emergency responders train to handle various situations, no one was accustomed to working remotely and from off-site as we had to in 2020.  Extended emergency operations occurred without an impact felt on our quality of services that we provide.  Members of our department continued to service their community throughout and continue to do so.  All calls for service were responded to, even as the pandemic responses changed, almost daily at times.  I am proud of the dedication shown to this community by members of the Napoleon Police Department. I am equally grateful for the city manager, mayor, and council's support that has offered our department. 

 Support was felt by every member when the council passed the reciprocity tax change this year.  This will allow us to provide and additional dispatcher, whose position was lost several years ago, which will allow more hours of the day to be covered by dual dispatchers, thus giving the citizens an even higher level of response, when they have contact with our dispatch center.    It is equally essential for our citizens to understand that our department has made obtaining grants a priority to enhance our capabilities and availability to respond.  These grants help reduce the tax dollars used in our budget and offer support to our operations.  Support of our community was felt by our department as well.  Those individuals who brought items to the police department, donated money, donated equipment enhancements to support our response to COVID-19,to those who said thank you for your service to one of my officers and dispatchers, I want to thank you as well.  The impact you made on the employees cannot be put into words and felt for some time. 

 Although 2020 was a unique year, and it did change our lives and our operations, for the time being, I wanted to restate that community engagement continues to be a high priority for the Napoleon Police Department.  I am excited to see some of the ideas we have for 2021 come to life.  Our focus will remain on having positive interactions daily. Our community is growing and changing.  I welcome you to be a part of that growth and change!


Chief of Police