Napoleon Ohio

Yard Waste and Seasonal clean UPS

The City of Napoleon’s yard waste site is located at 1722 Oakwood Ave. The site accepts the following items: grass clippings (to be placed in the appropriate dumpsters), limbs and brush trimmings (to be placed on the brush pile), and bagged or bulk leaves (bagged leaves to be placed on the leaf pile in the fenced in area; bulk leaves to be placed on the brush pile). Residents may deposit these items at the site at no charge. Mulch is also available at the yard waste site. Residents of Napoleon and Henry County may load their own vehicle/equipment with no limit and at no charge. The City will load a privately owned truck or trailer for a fee of $5.00. The City will also deliver the mulch at a cost of $10.00 per small load (approx. 2 cubic yd) and $15.00 per large load (approx. 6 cubic yd) for residents within the City. For those residents outside the City limits, but within Henry County, the cost is $10.00 per small load plus $1.00 per loaded mile and $15.00 per large load plus $1.25 per loaded mile. More information regarding the guidelines can be found here.

The City conducts two seasonal clean ups per year – one in the month of April and the other being the first week of October. These are done in an effort to maintain the City’s cleanliness and overall appearance. Residents who receive normal City refuse service may set out any and all items that are in compliance with the Seasonal Clean Up Rules and Guidelines. These guidelines are released to all local media, as well as posted on the City’s website, approximately two weeks in advance of the clean up. Personnel from all divisions of the Operations Department are utilized in the performance of the seasonal clean ups.