Napoleon Ohio

Responsibilities of The Preservation Commission: 

Create, maintain, and continually update the Historic Resource Inventory.  The Inventory shall contain a survey of cultural resources in the community, including all buildings, structures, sites, objects, and areas of architectural, historic, or aesthetic interest.  The Preservation Commission is encouraged to include other potential Historic Resources within the City boundaries.

May recommend to Council that the designation of "Historic Resource" be assigned to each building within the Preservation District that meets the criteria in the definition of a "Historic Resource."  When necessary, the Preservation Commission may also recommend that a current designation of "Historic Resource" be removed.  

Review and act upon all applications for Certificates of Appropriateness for any proposed alterations or changes to property within the boundaries of the Preservation District established by City Council.  The Preservation Commission's issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be secured before a Zoning Certificate shall be issued or any owner of property may commence work thereon.

Act in an advisory role to City officials and department heads, council commissions, committees, and boards regarding the protection of local historic resources.  

Recommend infrastructure improvements in the Preservation District, such as paving styles, the relocation/placement of streetlights, landscaping, and the design and location of street furniture in the Preservation District;

Assist the City, business owners, and residents in the application for grant funding consistent with the objectives of this chapter.

Act as a liaison to individuals and organizations regarding the protection of local historic resources.

Work for the continuing education of the residents of the City, with respect to the architectural and historic heritage of the City as designated in the Historic Resource Inventory and Preservation District.

 The Preservation Commission shall encourage and assist building owners with procedures for seeking National Register designation.


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