• Operations/Service Building
  • 1775 Industrial Drive
  • 419-599-1891
  • Monday-Friday | 7:00AM-3:30PM

The department currently operates approximately 309,000 feet of water mains, ranging in size from 1 to 20 inches. The pipes in the system are comprised of copper, galvanized iron, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, and PVC plastic. The pipes vary in ages from new to 119 years old. The distribution system includes approximately 800 valves, 650 hydrants and 3,600 service taps.

The department is staffed by 5 full-time employees who are responsible for a variety of tasks such as 2 complete flushings per year of the system, checks for high usage, radio read conversions, new meter installations, hydrant repairs, new hydrant installations, water line locates and repair of water main breaks. The department also assists in the seasonal cleanups and snow removal.

Hydrant Flushing

The Water Distribution Department conducts two flushings per year. One in the spring and one in the fall.

City crews start flushing hydrants on the north side of the river near the Water Treatment Plant and work their way to the outer edges of the system. The flushing of the system is a very important function of the overall maintenance of the water distribution system for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure that the hydrants are in proper working order.
  2. To verify the flow and location of the hydrants for fighting fires.
  3. To pull fresh water to low flow and dead-end sections of the water mains.

The Water Distribution Department would like to advise that the water sometimes becomes rusty or off-color when hydrants are flushed and encourages residents to check the water before doing any laundry, cooking, or showering. In case this does occur, the water lines may be cleared by running the washing machine on the full cold water cycle with no clothes in the washer. Also, check all other fixtures and let the water run until it is clear again.

Except for the Downtown area schedule listed above, the crews will start at 7:30 AM and continue flushing until approximately 3:00 PM weekdays during this period.

Hose Meters

Pursuant to the City of Napoleon’s Rules for Water and Sewer Service, Rule 5.4 Special Watering which states “For summer watering of grass or the like, hose meters will be issued for a maximum period of ninety (90) days upon payment of a deposit as determined by the City Utility Department. Meters are limited; therefore, meters will only be issued to people watering a new yard, or newly planted trees, shrubs or the like, or filing swimming pools or the like, and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. When filling swimming pools or the like, the maximum period of time for hose meter use will be seventy-two hours. The fee for using a hose meter shall be as contained in Rule 32, pro-rated to the nearest day”.


Hose meters will be available for use from May 1st through October 31st of each year.

Hose meters will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

Only one (1) hose meter per service address will be issued.

Hose meters to be used for watering a new yard, newly planted trees, shrubs or the like shall be issued for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days.

Hose meters used for filling a swimming pool or the like shall be issued for a period not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours.


The fee for a hose meter shall be $10.00 per month, pro-rated to the nearest day, with a minimum charge of $1.00. The amount will be invoiced on the subscriber's bill.

Sewer credits on the subscriber’s utility bill will not be issued until the hose meter has been returned and the Utilities Department has processed the work order.

Sewer credits will only be given if the returned meter is able to be read. No credit will be issues if the hose meter is damaged in such a way that the reading is unobtainable.

Cold Weather Meter Protection

The City of Napoleon Water Distribution Department is reminding all residents to inspect their waterlines and meters during cold weather. Please check the following items in your home to reduce the risk of freezing:

  1. Make sure that your basement windows are closed tightly and are draft free. Temporarily place insulation over the windows to prevent drafts.
  2. Check all areas of your basement that contain waterlines to make sure the temperature is not below freezing.
  3. Make sure that any cracks in your basement or crawl space are repaired to avoid drafts and freezing temperatures.
  4. If you have a crawl space, make sure the vents are closed. Temporarily place insulation over the vents to prevent drafts.
  5. Check any exposed waterlines on outside walls to make sure they are warm and there are no drafts in the area.
  6. If you have any waterlines that run the chance of freezing, wrap the lines with insulation or heat tape.
  7. If you have an inside meter it will need protected, as it is part of your water system. This may include wrapping the meter with insulation or heat tape.
  8. If you have any waterlines or a water meter in the garage, remember to have the doors open as little as possible.

Please note that there is a replacement charge for water meters damaged due to neglect. The charge includes the cost of the water meter and a service call.

Residents who have had problems with freezing in the past are asked to leave water running at one inside faucet. A stream the size of a pencil lead is sufficient. Contact the Utilities Department at 419-592-4010 before doing so. Only those residents who have made prior arrangements will receive credit on their utility bill.

Backflow Prevention

Pursuant to the City of Napoleon’s Rules for Water and Sewer Service, Rule 24.2 Backflow Device Necessity which states “If in the judgment of the Operations Superintendent, an approved backflow prevention device is necessary for the safety of the public water system, the Operations Superintendent will give notice to the water customer and/or property owner to install such an approved device immediately. The water customer and/or property owner, at his/her own expense, shall install such an approved device at a location and in a manner approved by the Operations Superintendent and shall have inspections and tests made of such approved devices as required by the Operations Superintendent (see VIOLATION section)”.

Backflow prevention is a requirement of the State of Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and the City of Napoleon.  The purpose of the backflow preventer is to prevent any possible contamination from water flowing back into the public water system. The device must be tested and certified every twelve (12) months. The water customer is responsible for hiring a licensed backflow tester to perform the annual test and certification. The City of Napoleon has partnered with BSI Online to assist in administering the backflow program. Customers may use their Customer Confirmation Number (CNN) at www.bsionlinetracking.com to verify when tests have been filed, locate a list of testers in the area, or simply learn more about backflow. Please contact BSI via email (bsionline@backlfow.com) or phone (800-414-4990) if you have any questions.

Three (3) important items must be met in the testing of your device:

  1. The backflow preventer test must be completed within thirty (30) days of annual notification letter.
  2. If a device fails to pass the annual test the device must be repaired within ten (10) days. Local plumbing suppliers and others generally can provide replacement parts to you on short notice.  If you need an extension on time, please contact the Water Distribution Department.
  3. Failure to provide a passing test result within the thirty (30) day period or to contact the Water Distribution Department may result in the interruption of your water service. 

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to protect our water resources.

Water Customer Contact Information:

  • ·     Phone: 888-966-6050
  • ·     Email: support@backflow.com
  • ·     Fax: 888-414-4990
  • ·     Mail: PO Box 246, Worth, IL 60482


Testing Company/Tester Contact Information:

  • ·     Phone: 800-414-4990
  • ·     Email: bsionline@backflow.com
  • ·     Fax: 888-414-4990
  • ·     Mail: PO Box 246, Worth, IL 60482