How can I pay my utility bills?

Payments to the City of Napoleon can be paid online, or by mail. Also, some local Banks accept City Utility Payments as a Customer Service please check with your Bank. For more information Click here

What are the rates for renting one of the shelterhouses? Is there a form I need to fill out?

Information regarding Shelterhouse rental can be found here

Rates depend on the time in which you wish to rent. Rates can be found here

What are your business hours?

Administration and Utilities are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Utilities drive up window is open until 3:45. 

How much are bag tags?

$2.00 each

Where can bag tags be purchased?

City Building – Utilities, Chief, Kurtz Hardware, Napoleon Party Mart – Shell, Rite Aid & Circle K

Where do I get a hose meter and is there a charge for using it?

Hose meters are available from May 1st-October 31st at the Service Building – 1775 Industrial Dr.

The fee for a hose meter shall be $10.00 per month, pro rated to the nearest day, with a minimum charge of $1.00

What number do I call to get my utilities marked?

Ohio Utility Protection Services (OUPS) 1-800-362-2764 or 811

Where can light bulbs, paint and oil be recycled?

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

ERG Environmental Services

527 E. Woodland Circle

Bowling Green, OH 43402


 Oil Recycling

Henry County Landfill

L-622 Co. Rd. 11

Napoleon, OH 43545


*ask clerk for local disposal centers

There are no paint recycling centers in the area, but you may dry the paint with kitty litter, paint it on cardboard or leave the lid off the can to dry it. 

Do you keep resumes on file for job openings that may become available?

We only accept resumes and applications for open positions. If you apply for an open position and are not offered the position your application and resume will remain on file for 2 years. If you are interested in a position with the City, please check the website and newspaper for current job openings.

Does the Mayor perform weddings?

The Mayor does not perform weddings. 

A tree was cut down in my yard by the City. Am I allowed to have any of the wood?

Once the trees are cut, the wood is the property of the Contractor. The Contractor will need to be contacted directly.