What is a permit?

A permit is a license granting legal permission to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, or demolish a dwelling or a structure, or install, alter or repair mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems within a dwelling or structure.

Types of Permits Include:

* Building

* Mechanical

* Electrical

* Plumbing

* Zoning

* New Home (Engineering Department issues house numbers for all new one, two and three family dwellings.)

The property owner/occupant may take out a permit. Otherwise, a registered general contractor or subcontractor in the electrical or mechanical trades must obtain the permit. The permit holder is legally responsible for the work for which the permit was approved and issued.

Generally, permits are NOT required for routine maintenance of existing structures or dwellings. Examples include:

* Nonstructural room finishes

* Floor Covering

* Painting

* Light maintenance and routine repair


Permit fees for residential projects vary from fixed rate fees to fees based on estimated value or square footage. If work is started prior to obtaining a permit, the penalty is the original permit fee plus an additional 300%. A 1% permit fee surcharge is required by the State of Ohio for all residential permits.

Inspections and Compliances

Each phase of construction is inspected and approved for compliance with the code. If there is a violation, the inspector can advise on how to correct the problem. There may be legal and financial liabilities to the homeowner when work is performed without a permit. 

Wood County Building Inspection

Our codified ordinances specify that a permit must be issued when any of the following is to be performed:

* New one, two and three family dwellings

* Additions to one, two and three family dwellings

* Accessory buildings and additions thereto

* Alteration and restoration of residential structures

* Electrical installation

* Mechanical installation (HVAC)

* Decks, porches and enclosures

* Roofing

* Siding

* Fences

* Demolition

* Swimming pools

* Structural retaining walls

* Major repairs or installations

* Plumbing

When applying for a permit, construction drawings may be required. The review period depends upon the type of permit being applied for.

Permit Expiration

Construction must commence within six months of issuance. A permit will become void if progress, as determined by the inspection record, is suspended for a period of six months or more. To renew an expired permit, contact the Public Works/Engineering Department.

Contractor Registration Requirements

Contractors must be registered by completing and submitting a registration form. Electrical and mechanical contractors must also submit a current State of Ohio Certificate of Qualification issued by the Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board.

Residential Energy Conservation Requirements

The Ohio Board of Building Standards has adopted energy conservation standards for detached one, two, and three family dwellings in Ohio. These requirements may be found in the Residential Code of Ohio.

In order to establish compliance and enforcement the Building Department requires energy conservation compliance data for residential projects when plans are submitted. If you are not familiar with this requirement, consult with your H.V.A.C. or insulation contractor. Free energy conservation software is available at

Ohio Codes and Standards

Ohio codes and standards are available for review online at:

Ohio codes and standards publications are available for purchase from the International Code Council online at

Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria

Ground Snow Load (lbs) - 20

Wind Speed (mph) - 90

Seismic Design Category - B

Weathering - Severe

Frost Line Depth (inches) - 36

Termite - Moderate / heavy

Decay - Slight to Moderate

Winter Design Temp - 0-10 deg F

Ice Shield Underlayment Req. - Yes

Flood Hazards - Yes

Air Freezing Index - 1436

Mean Annual Temp. - 495

Plan Review

Documents submitted for permits are distributed to various city departments for review. The plan review period generally takes 1-3 working days. If additional information is required, you will be contacted. You can check the status of your application by calling the Public Works/Engineering Department (419) 592-4010.