• City Hall Administration
  • 255 W Riverview Avenue
  • (419) 592-4010
  • Monday-Friday | 7:30AM-4:00PM


Oberhaus Park | 750 W Maumee Avenue

Oberhaus Park is the home of the Rotary-Lions Community Center. This climate controlled building was built and donated by the Napoleon Rotary and Lion's Clubs in 2003. The facility holds up to 132 people and is ideal for banquets, meetings, reunions, or any other event. There is a kitchen area with a full size refrigerator and plenty of electrical outlets. There is a large porch area overlooking the Maumee River for additional space.

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Ritter Park | 1025 W Riverview Avenue

This historic shelter is located in Ritter Park on the bank offering a fantastic view of the Maumee River. The facility holds up to 40 people and has large picnic-type tables inside. There is a small kitchenette with a full size refrigerator. There are numerous shade trees outside of the shelter with picnic tables and benches. There is playground equipmet, walking path and a sand volleyball court.​​​​(volleyballs available for minimal rental fee)


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Wayne Park | 205 Wayne Park Drive

This shelter is a small, rustic facility available for rental during the warmer weather months. The facility holds approximately 25 people. There are large open areas for picnicking, playground equipment, a volleyball court and horseshoe pits. (volleyballs and horseshoes available for minimal rental fee)

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  • A $5.00 non-refundable booking fee and a $50.00 security deposit are required to make a reservation.

Oberhaus Park




$55.00 $65.00
1:00pm-5:00pm $65.00 $75.00
9:00am-5:00pm $90.00 $100.00
6:00pm-11:00pm $90.00 $100.00
1:00pm-11:00pm $100.00 $110.00
9:00am-11:00pm $120.00 $130.00
  • Amenities: refrigerator and small sink, (8) 5' round tables, (16) 6' long tables, chairs, heat, A/C, TV, VCR/DVD, pull down sreen, microphone, inside restrooms (on timer), outdoor picnic tables, (1) large outdoor grill.
  • NO stove or microwave.


 Ritter Park 



9:00am-NOON $40.00 $45.00
1:00pm-5:00pm $40.00 $45.00
9:00am-5:00pm $45.00 $50.00
6:00pm-11:00pm $45.00 $50.00
1:00pm-11:00pm $50.00 $55.00
9:00am-11:00pm $55.00 $60.00
  • Amenities: refrigerator, small sink and long counter, fireplace and wood, heat, (5) tables, inside restrooms, outdoor picnic tables, (2) outdoor grills.
  • NO stove, microwave or A/C.


Wayne Park 



9:00am-NOON $35.00 $40.00
1:00pm-5:00pm $35.00 $40.00
9:00am-5:00pm $40.00 $45.00
6:00pm-11:00pm $40.00 $50.00
1:00pm-11:00pm $45.00 $50.00
9:00am-11:00pm $50.00 $55.00
  • Amenities: refrigerator, (7) picnic tables, outdoor picnic tables, (2) outdoor grills, portable outdoor restroom.
  • NO stove, microwave or sink.


Rental Policy

Download/Print Agreement


  • · Consider set-up and tear-down when choosing rental times. The City has the right to serve time slots before and/or after to other interested renters.
  • · Individuals or groups may reserve an available date during the open calendar year.
  • · City of Napoleon residents are given priority to reserve dates during December for the next open calendar year.
  • · Booking Fee and Security Deposit are due at the time of reservation.
    • $5.00 Booking Fee (non-refundable)
    • $50.00 Security Deposit
    • $55.00 Total Due
  • · A rental agreement shall be signed by an individual or authorized individual of the group reserving the facility. The person signing assumes liability for the group.

Key Pick-up and Payment of Rental Fee

  • · Prior to rental, applicants shall pick up the key to the facility at the City Building.
  • · The rental fee shall be due at the time of key pickup.

Key Return

  • · Facility keys shall be returned to the City Building on the next business day following rental. Renter’s security deposit will not be processed until keys are returned.
  • · Failure to return the facility keys within ten (10) business days of the rental will result in a $50.00 replacement fee.
  • · After inspection by City personnel (generally with 1 business day), the security deposit shall be refunded if facility has been completely cleaned, tables and chairs put away, and no damages noted as per the shelter house facility inspection form.
  • · Refunds shall be made to applicant within thirty (30) days after the rental date.
  • · Disputes shall be presented to the Parks and Recreation Director for a decision. Applicant may appeal Director’s decision to the City Manager who shall make the final decision.


  • · A refund of the security deposit shall be issued if a cancellation is made seven (7) or more calendar days prior to the scheduled rental date. Any refund shall be made to the applicant within 30 days after the cancellation date.
  • · Cancellations made less than seven (7) days prior to the rental date will cause the applicant to forfeit the security deposit.

Rental Agreement

Download/Print Agreement

Terms and Conditions

1.  This rental agreement is for the date, time and amount(s) specified in the application and the terms contained therein are part of this agreement, such application incorporated into this agreement by reference thereto as if fully rewritten.

2.  Security payment held by the City shall be forfeited in full or part, as determined in the sole discretion of the City, in the event that all keys are not returned within 24 hours after the rental period, excluding any day the City is not open for business; or, in the event damages occur to the premises; or, when the facility is not cleaned after use. Any forfeiture of the deposit does not bar recovery by the City for other damages it may be entitled.

3.  No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.

4.  Tenant(s) and guests shall obey all laws, rules and regulations in effect at the time of the use.

5.  Tenant(s) agrees not to sublet the facility.

6.  Tenant(s) agrees to be responsible for all damages caused by them or their invited guests.

7.  Tenant(s) agrees not to unreasonably disturb neighboring properties.

8.  Tenant(s) agree to pay holdover penalties on a pro rata basis; however, the payment of such penalties does not apply or give any right of holdover to tenant.

9.  Tenant shall not attach by nails or staples any items to the facility; nor, shall other substances be used as to damage the premise.

10.  Tenant(s) shall not place items at or on the facility as to cause injury to themselves or others.

11.  Utilities available on the premises will be paid by the City.

12.  The City shall not be held liable due to unavailability of the facility for reason beyond the City’s control.

13.  Tenant(s) agree to bear the risk of loss for all damage and/or injury of any kind or nature to any person using the facility or their invited guests, including loss of property or damages, during the rental period, except loss as a direct result of gross negligence by the City; moreover, Tenant(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City, its officials, officers, employees and volunteers, against all claims and demands made for damages, injury or death or the loss of property and/or services, arising from or growing out of use of said facility, including but not limited to all costs, judgments, expenses and attorney fees, except loss caused directly by the gross negligence of the City. This assumption of liability and agreement to indemnify and hold harmless shall be binding on both the individual and organization renting the facility.

14.  This agreement is controlled by the Laws of Ohio. In the event a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision invalid, only that provision shall be held invalid and the remainder shall be considered valid.

15.  This is the complete agreement; oral representations have no binding affect.