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  • 255 W Riverview Avenue
  • 419-592-4010
  • Monday-Friday | 7:30AM-4:00PM

The City of Napoleon's Engineering Department provides services that are essential to the residents of Napoleon to maintain a safe, convenient lifestyle. Most of us take these services for granted. Some may not know what services are available. It is the mission of this engineering department to inform and provide a superior quality of service to its residents.

The Engineering Department is under the leadership of the City Engineer who is responsible for the department budget preparation; personnel management; planning, design, plan & plat review; and construction for the maintenance and improvements of the City's infrastructure including streets, storm sewers, potable water system, and sanitary sewer system.

The Engineering Department works closely with engineering design firms to prepare plans and specifications for capital improvement and utility projects for both the City and private developers. The Engineering Department is responsible for the inspection of construction project and utility repairs to insure the work meets the requirements of the City’s specifications.