Napoleon Ohio

Praise and Complain

If you are pleased with the service you have received from us, we welcome praise and compliments about individual members of our department or about Police in general. The information you provide helps us recognize and share examples of good practice. We will pass your comments on to the employee and their supervisor. If you would like to thank a police officer who has helped you, but you don't know their name, please give us as much information about the incident that you can.  We will use that to share your praise.

We strive to provide excellent service always, but if something does go wrong we want you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve the quality of service provided by our department and employees. You should complain if you believe:

  1. Police have done something wrong
  2. You were not treated fairly by the Police
  3. You are dissatisfied with the service you have received.

Two levels of complaints you can make:

  1. An expression of dissatisfaction
  2. A formal complaint.


Methods of Filing Praise & Complaints

  1. You can call our office 24/7 and request to speak to a supervisor. Our phone number is 419-599-2810
  2. You can email our department 24/7 at
  3. You may come to the office in person or send mail correspondence to 310 Glenwood Ave, Napoleon, Ohio 43545

Your feedback about the Napoleon Police Department is welcome and important to us. Receiving feedback helps our department improve both the quality of service we provide and the conduct of individual department employees.