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  • 1775 Industrial Drive                                                                                                        
  • 419-599-1891
  • Monday-Friday | 7:00AM-3:30PM
  • Special pickups must be requested in advance for material that does not qualify or is too large for the weekly refuse bag service. The cost of such service will be $15.00 per cubic yard. The amount will be invoiced on the subscriber’s utility bill. Household items shall be placed at the curb located in front of a subscriber’s residence no more than five (5) days in advance of the subscriber’s scheduled weekly refuse day. Most general household items are accepted curbside. Common items include, but are not limited to: furniture, mattress/box spring, televisions, electronics, computer monitors, toys, appliances, outdoor grills, toilets. Loose items must be boxed or bagged. The weight of such containers shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds.
  • Items accepted but with additional conditions include the following:
  1. Building material shall not be larger than four feet (4') in length and three feet (3') wide. No material shall contain nails that have not been bent over.
  2. Carpeting or padding shall be in rolls no wider than four feet (4') and tied with a cord or taped.
  3. Refrigerators and/or freezers must have the doors removed and the contents emptied prior to pick up.
    1. There is an additional charge for the disposal of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and water coolers. Please contact the office for the most current disposal rate of each item.
  4. Paint will be accepted with lids removed and remaining paint completely dry or thickened using cat litter or floor dry.
  • It is prohibited to place brush, limbs, or other yard waste material for pickup.
  • Ready to request a special pickup for your home? Complete the form below or call 419-599-1891.

Form - Special Pickup Request