The City of Napoleon:  Heartland Values, Flowing Opportunities

The City of Napoleon has a Municipal Properties, Buildings, Land Use & Economic Development Committee that meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.  In February, the Committee decided to focus on 5 areas of improvement. They are:

1)  Neighborhood Revitalization:  Code Enforcement of Residential Properties

    a.  2015 the focus:  Properties in a section of the City

         i. Riverview North to Train Tracks

        ii. Hitting East and West City Limits

       iii. Homes that need painted

2)  Scott Street Corridor and Downtown Revitalization

    a.  Look into "cleaning up" Scott Street by putting the electric underground.

    b.  Set up a Downtown Revitalization District in order to increase opportunities for liquor licenses.

3)  Promoting Commercial Growth

    a.  Work with the CIC and Chamber to discuss potential growth opportunities

4)  Connector Roads from Scott Street

    a.  Look at "paper streets" and other potential streets that could route traffic around Scott Street

    b.  Create streets that will potentially open up undeveloped land for development purposes 

5)  Website Update

    a.  Informational updates

    b.  Make the site more user friendly

    c.   Make it easier to find information on starting/growing a business