While there are no public water transmission and distribution mains made of lead, the water lines serving individual properties may be made of lead. The City of Napoleon owns and is responsible for the portion of the service line from the connection at the water main in the street to the property line (system-owned). The property owner owns and is responsible for the portion of the service line from the property line into the home or building (customer-owned).


The City of Napoleon's LEAD LOOK-UP MAP provides information about both the system-owned and customer-owned material of your water service line. Simply enter the address you want to look up, and the map will show you the material of your service line.

This information is based on the best-available data the water distribution department has at this time. The department continually updates its service line data based on current information and records it receives. You can help us improve the data by verifying your service line material on private property. If you have information related to your service line material that is not reflected correctly in our records, please CONTACT US.


Your private water service line typically found in your basement could be made of three different materials depending on the age of your plumbing fixtures: lead (left), copper (middle), galvanized steel (right).

Pipe Materials.jpg


Lead Pipe – If the scratched area is shiny and silver, your service line is lead. A magnet will not stick to a lead pipe.

Pipe Lead.jpg


Copper Pipe – If the scratched area is copper in color like a penny, your service line is copper. A magnet will not stick to a copper pipe.

Pipe Copper.jpg


Galvanized Steel Pipe – If the scratched area remains a dull gray, your service line is galvanized steel. A magnet will stick to this pipe.

Pipe Galvanized Steel.jpg


A picture of the service line where it enters the home is needed to fill out the survey.

Water Meter Installed.png