The City of Napoleon’s residential bagged leaf pickup is offered one week each November. There will not be a specific route schedule during the week for the pickup of bagged leaves.

Curbside leaf vacuuming is available for senior citizens, Golden Buckeye Card holders, or those individuals designated as legally disabled. A written request including street address and proof of eligibility must be received at the City Administration office no later than the Friday prior to the week scheduled. No other residents are permitted to rake their leaves to the curb.

Leaves that clog storm drains can be quite harmful.

You can help by removing leaves from storm drains near your property!

leaves left in storm drain

As a reminder, it is illegal to mow or place grass, leaves and other yard waste into the public streets, gutters and storm drains. Grass clippings and leaves blown into the street during yard maintenance don’t just disappear; they end up plugging the City’s storm sewer systems contributing to street flooding when it rains. They may be small, but they add up. When mowing, grass clippings should be directed away from the street, driveways, sidewalks, or other paved areas.

What’s the best place for grass clippings and leaves?

  1. Blow grass clippings and leaves back onto the lawn, where they become a natural fertilizer. Rake or blow excess clippings into a compost pile where they can decompose naturally.
  2. Collect them for drop off in a loose condition at The City of Napoleon’s Yard Waste Site. Located at 1722 Oakwood Avenue, the site provides a place for city residents to dispose of grass, leaves and vegetative waste.

Your cooperation is appreciated in maintaining the quality of our City’s storm sewer system by practicing appropriate yard waste disposal methods. Failure to comply with this may result in a citation or additional enforcement action. The City of Napoleon will prosecute all violators for misuse of the yard waste facility.